Buying Your First House: 4 Tips

You are ready for that first home, and cannot wait to settle into your place that you can decorate, paint and reorganize without having to ask for permission from some grumpy landlord. Quick research shows that you can get something pretty decent in the same range as your monthly rent, so you decide to start “paying yourself” rather than settle up someone else’s bond.
Interest insects:
Understand that interest rates will fluctuate. Use free online bond calculators to see how affordable repayment will be in a worst case scenario. Pile on the scary figures and play devil’s advocate, because you must be able to cope with unforeseen circumstances. If you are in any doubt about the affordability, keep on saving for a bigger deposit before you finally take the step.
Affordability bugs:
You have been saving for a deposit, right? Understanding compound interest is the best financial lesson you can ever learn, and you can apply the rules of responsible debt repayment to credit cards and personal loans, too. Saving up to deposit a chunk of cash for your home loan is the smartest thing you can do. Any cash deposit or down payment you make will lower your monthly repayment amount. It’s smart to lower the upfront commitment but pay extra every month. You will A-list your credit rating in no time flat, and save thousands of dollars on interest.
Cost creepy-crawlies:
Ask prospective neighbors for an indication of their monthly expenses. The cost of electricity, levies or membership fees, security requirements and homeowner’s insurance should be considered when you calculate what you can afford. It seems obvious, but extra fuel, toll fees or commuting charges may come as a shock if you are unaware of them.
Insist on a home inspection before you buy. Only a professional can spot problems with the structural integrity of foundations and walls, the roof, insulation, heating, electricity and plumbing installations – estate agents in ashford kent. You can negotiate a discount based on the cost of repairs before you finalize the price, or at least set aside some cash to fix it after you move in.
Don’t shop till you drop:
Giving the realtor a list of must-have features plus a list of nice-to-haves will save you an enormous amount of time. Do you need a big yard? Public transportation? Kitchen size? Agencies and realtors often deal with clients who have absolutely no idea what they want, and will probably show you everything they have. If you know you will need extra parking space or guest bathroom, indicate this on your list so you don’t have to view properties that are just not what you wanted.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Property Today

For a long time, the real estate market has been an important investment for a lot of people. Multimillionaires and even billionaires got their taste of riches because of the boom in real estate in the early years. Today, there are whispers that prices of properties are slowly dwindling down. This would probably scare most people opting to just rent houses instead of buying one for their family or themselves.

If you really cannot afford to include in your budget a monthly mortgage, then by all means, do not purchase a property, stick to renting first. But if you can afford, it is advisable to buy your own house. If you have a house and thinking of selling it, don’t. You will incur more cost by selling your house and renting an apartment instead. Your costs will include 4% stamp duty and prices falling to 10% even 20% from your original selling price.

This fact may be a shock but you have to know that houses are not investment. You buy your own house because whether the market rises or falls, you still need a roof over your head at the end of each day. A house only becomes an asset if you sell it eventually for a profit. If you decide to sell it someday only to downsize or move to a smaller place, then your house is a mere property, not an investment. A lot of people thought that having a house means having a cash generating machine, but in reality, it is not. Even in cases that it generates money for the owner, the period between buying and selling the property can last up to 20 years or longer.

Even though mentioned above that property is not an investment, it remains a fact that it is a long-term investment. Even if you treat a property as your shelter, still, you will not buy anything especially for a large sum of money that will not appreciate in value in the future. A house is different from a car, for example, because a car, after five to ten years will lose 35% of its purchase price while a house will gain more compared to its original purchase price.

Another very good reason to purchase your own home is so you can be your own master. If you are renting in an apartment, you already surrendered the right to decorate your own living space to your landlord. Your personality might not even reflect your place of dwelling because there are a lot of restrictions in renting. Plus consider this fact; you are paying for a place on a monthly basis that will never be yours in the future. You can maybe add a little more to your monthly rent and you could have been paying for the monthly mortgage of your own home we buy San Antonio houses fast and pay cash.

As long as you can afford to own a house, as long as your credit can afford you to loan from lending firms, go get yourself your own house. Do not take notice of the doomsayers warning you that prices will soon fall. They are probably wrong in their predictions anyway.

How to Plan a Sweet Sixteen Party

I remember a time before the “Sweet 16” birthday party was really a phenomenon. The sixteenth birthday, much like the fifteen that came before it, was just a time for a normal celebration, a birthday party like every other. While many Spanish-speaking areas have celebrated the quinceañera, a special fifteenth birthday party for young women, for literally thousands of years, and while the upper classes have thrown debutante balls for quite a while as well, the tradition of the sweet sixteen is a relatively new one. Here are some tips to throwing a great sixteenth birthday party.

  • Figure out who you’re inviting. Don’t be mean – if you’re throwing a big birthday party, it’s best not to be too exclusive about who you invite.
  • Pick a theme.
  • Figure out what the food is going to be. This is probably the most expensive part of the party, but it might also be one of the most memorable. It’s best to consult with the person you’re throwing the party for at every step of the way, but it’s especially important with the food – an adult may think that everyone wants filet mignon when they actually just want Chipotle.
  • Plan and hire the entertainment. In terms of importance, entertainment is a close second to food. The birthday girl or boy probably isn’t going to want a bounce house or a clown (they grow up so fast!), but there are plenty of great entertainment options available for those slightly older. A dance floor and a DJ is a classic option for bigger parties, as is a photo booth hire.

It’s worth being creative! Your daughter or son might want to have a truly out-of-the-box sweet sixteen party. A friend’s daughter once threw a soccer party – the kids went in the middle of the afternoon to an indoor soccer field and had a real blast. The whole event was over by 5 P.M. These are the kinds of ideas you should allow yourself to entertain in the planning process.
Above all, though, it’s more important to make sure that your daughter or son is going to have a good time than it is to make sure that they’re surprised by the kind of party you throw. For many, the teen years are socially and psychologically difficult: people change so much. Six months ago, they may have thought they wanted a huge party, but when the time comes to start hiring catering and entertainment, they may realize that they just want an intimate gathering with friends and family. Being attentive to the birthday girl or boy’s desires and needs is the best way to make sure that her or his sweet sixteen is a smashing success!

Benefits of Using Block Paving for Your Home Driveway

Block paving is one of the most popular and attractive ways to give a property kerb appeal. Stylish, high quality block driveways and paths not only improve the appearance of a home but they also increase the property’s value, making it a great investment in the future. There are several benefits of having a block driveway installed, so it is easy to see why so many homeowners choose this durable and appealing option.

Kerb Appeal

Driveways and paths built with block can instantly boost the visual appeal of any home, however large or small its outdoor space. There is no better or easier way to create a striking and impressive entrance to the front of a property and when used to make a patio in a back garden or yard, it creates the perfect spot for relaxing in style on warm days or entertaining guests during the summer season. Whether you are planning on selling your home in the future, or whether you want to enjoy your house for as long as possible, you can be sure that well-laid block paving will increase the value of any property.


Block paving is a long lasting and durable solution to paving any area. Whether a driveway, path, patio or garage, you can be certain that you are choosing a robust material that can last for at least 20 years if well cared for. It can even cope well with pedestrian and vehicular traffic and it will even remain resilient in the face of harsh climates, salt, oil and many different chemicals.

Environmentally Sound

When compared with many other paving choices, you will find that block paving is actually very environmentally friendly. As it is porous, water has a place to rest during rainy periods, and although there will be no surface water as the rainwater will drain away to be held in the stone itself, there will also be no problems with flooding.

Low Maintenance Solution

With today’s busy lifestyles, increasing numbers of people are looking for a paving solution that makes their home look impressive but requires very little maintenance to keep it looking fantastic. Block paving represents the ideal solution. Requiring no mowing, polishing or repainting, it will continue to look its best for many years to come thanks to the resilient nature of the material itself. All that is needed is an occasional wash down using a basic soap and water mixture, ensuring that even the busiest of people can find the time to make their patio, path or driveway look as good as new.

Versatile and Unique

There are so many different options when it comes to block paving that it is possible to make your property look completely unique. With a huge choice of styles, colours, shapes and sizes to pick from, you can create endless versatile designs for your outdoor spaces, completely tailoring the project to match your own individual requirements. Whether you are looking for a straightforward style or an intricate pattern, you can rest assured that you can achieve the exact look that you have in mind.

Why Bristol Block Driveways?

Bristol Block Driveways offer a high quality, professional block paving laying surface for drives, paths and patios. They take pride in offering the best possible service and understand the importance of listening to our customer’s ideas and taking them on board. Whether you need someone who can help you design the ideal patio or whether you already know exactly what you want, they can help to make sure your home looks its absolute best at an affordable and competitive price. Whether you are looking for a traditional, basic driveway or an exciting and contemporary use of paving to enhance your outdoor space and bring a modern look to your patio, they have just the right products and materials to create your desired effect. With thousands of satisfied customers, we can guarantee that you will be delighted with their work, and because they only source and purchase our materials from the most reliable and trustworthy suppliers, you can rest assured that everything will be of the highest possible quality. Their team of experts can advise you every step of the way, and they have the skills and experience necessary to carry out even the most complex of paving projects. They offer a huge range of different block paving stones for you to choose from, in a choice of colours, shapes and styles, and all the work that they carry out is backed up by a guarantee for their customer’s complete peace of mind. They always provide comprehensive, low-priced quotations so you are aware of the costs before they start work and there will be no hidden unpleasant surprises and they will always strive to keep your project strictly to schedule so you can enjoy your new driveway, patio or pathway as soon as possible.

Living with a Biomass Boiler

Ever since I saw the wood-burning stoves that have long been a common sight in continental Europe, while staying in a farmhouse on a family holiday in Brittany, I have been wanting to find out more about them.

Global warming may be something about which many people are still not bothered but it has always frightened me to be honest, and made me keen to do whatever I can do help. The prospect of being able to heat my home from wood found in the local countryside rather than from fossil fuels that have to be extracted from the earth with masses of industrial equipment was therefore very appealing to me, right from the start.

My Personal Journey

Everybody has their own personal circumstances to consider, their own finances, families, jobs and other commitments. My journey may not be the same as yours, should you decide to install a wood-burning stove in your home, but I hope that in telling you about it, I will at least be able to give you food for thought and a starting point for further research.

If you are primarily interested in how much money you can save, I recently found a very good article about renewable energy for the home that looked at the savings biomass boilers and heat transfer pumps have to offer homeowners in the UK. Anyway, whatever your motivations, below are the steps that I took, along with a few thoughts on what the change has meant to me so far.

  1. Finding a Supplier/Installer – This was not quite as straightforward as I thought. Finding companies that were prepared to supply and fit a wood burning stove in my home was not the main difficulty: finding one that I could trust completely was what took time. In the end, rather than going for the cheapest option I could find, I decided to go with a small, locally based firm. I did this because they offered the best service and I felt confident that they knew exactly what they were doing.
  1. Installation – This was actually the easiest stage, for me at least. Because I chose my supplier and installer with care, I was able to leave them to take care of all the details.
  1. Usage – Living near extensive woodlands, where I am free to collect fallen branches whenever I wish, has helped me enormously. I am able to heat my home with fuel that is free of charge for much of the year and on the odd occasion that I am running short, I keep a tonne of pellets on standby.

If you like the sound of heating your home for free, or with the help of relatively inexpensive wood pellets, I would definitely encourage you to investigate biomass boilers in more depth.

As long as you have the space to store the fuel that you will need, you could save money at the same time as helping to save the planet, by heating your home with wood from sustainable sources.

Choosing Your First Chiropractor

Services_ChiropracticWhether you are suffering from a bad back caused by poor posture or any of a range of conditions that can be attributed to problems with your spine, you will almost certainly want to see a chiropractor sooner rather than later.

Given the popularity of this field of medicine, you will not have a problem finding a local chiropractic clinic within easy reach of your office or home.

What you might have an issue with is how to choose the best clinic in your area, given that there is likely to be such a wide choice.

As I live in E14, I started my personal search in Canary Wharf but you may choose to start yours wherever is most convenient.


lEvaluating Canary Wharf Chiropractors and Those in Other Areas

There are a number of factors that you should evaluate when checking out new chiropractic clinics and their resident chiropractors, the most important of which you will find in the list below.


  • Ask another Medical Professional – If you can find out where your GP goes when he has a bad back, you can almost certainly follow his lead without any concern, safe in the knowledge that he or she would not go to see a rank amateur about medical issues. When it comes to matters of health, doctors and other medical professionals rarely take any chances as far as the specialists they consult are concerned.


  • Talk to a Few Different Practitioners – Whether you visit their clinics in person or make an informal enquiry over the phone, you can get a good feel for how professional a particular chiropractor is by talking to them for a few minutes. If you would like to conduct more in-depth research before making your choice, book a preliminary appointment with 3 or 4 local specialists and ask them as many questions as you can in the time you have available.


  • Check Their Credentials – Ask about the college at which they studied and whether or not they are a member of the General Chiropractic Council. Any good practitioner should have attended an accredited educational facility and be registered with the governing council for chiropractic specialists.


  • Check When They Qualified – Whether you choose one of the Canary Wharf chiropractors as I did, or a chiropractic consultant in another part of the country, you should make sure that they have plenty of real world experience. Whilst there may be many excellent newly-qualified consultants working in your area, it is safer to stick to those with lots of clinical experience, at least until you have a better idea of what a visit to a good chiropractor should entail.


If you want to be really careful, you can do some additional research before you start your hunt for the best local specialist and add as many extra factors to the above checklist as you can. The best practitioners can work wonders but you should make sure that you are in safe hands before you commit to a course of treatment.